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Heal the Source™

Live! | love! | laugh!

Book by Vincent Cheng

Questions you may be facing

What does fulfillment look like for you?

How can you be successful?

And what about happiness?

...Healing the source of what's holding you back comes first

When you heal the source, you

Begin to master fear and live in your authentic self

When you heal the source, you

Give your SELF what it really needs

“You must be absolutely clear about your goal and relentless in your pursuit of your ‘WHY’”

When you heal the source, you


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"Dreams are realized by forging persistence, faith, focus and absolute JOY"

Sneak peak from the first three chapters

Chapter 1

Saying YES to you!

“Get to the Source of what you WANT and ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE it”

Chapter 2


“‘I should’ is a statement of lack.
Rather, say, ‘I would like,’ which is a statement of have”

Chapter 3

Master Your Fear

“Surrender to FEAR to MASTER it”

Book Reviews

I’m grateful that I had the chance to read HEAL THE SOURCE™. This will truly change how you perceive yourself, your goals, and connections.
Dr. Leonard Scott
Author of The Ultimate Boost from Within
I thought this was just another basic self-help book, but HEAL THE SOURCE™ is different. Vincent Cheng talks about how to achieve that goal, rather than merely motivation.
Martez Schembri
Author of From Stress to Bliss
Vincent Cheng’s HEAL THE SOURCE™ is a book about bringing your life away from doubts and towards the path of happiness and success. I know I trust his book because he experienced all of this and learned from it.
James Elliott
Author of Unleash Your Power
If you feel success evades you, this book will help you realize that the biggest obstacle to achieving it is within you. Heal the source and success will find you.
Pamela Beanie
Author of Rule Your World

HEAL THE SOURCE™ Book is a guide to mastering all aspects of your life

HEAL THE SOURCE™ Book is a guide to mastering all aspects of your life

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